febrer 24, 2018
  • Día de la Arquitectura de la Información (UX, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Product Design, Project Management...)

    febrer 24, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa, Carrer de Concepción Arenal, 165, 08027 Barcelona, España

    Register for free: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-world-ia-day-2018-barcelona-43191321405

    World Information Architecture Day is returning to Barcelona for the 4th time!

    WIAD is an annual event to celebrate the practice and education of Information Architecture. It’s going to be a packed day, celebrated in over 56 locations in 6 continents. This year's theme is "IA for Good"!

    This is a FREE design conference that celebrates organization and structure for understandability and accessibility.

    The goal for this day is to promote the practice and education of Information Architecture so you will find it useful if you are involved in: User Experience Design, Visual Design, Development, Content Strategy, Product Design, Service Design, Project Management, Product Management, Digital Strategies, and any other innovation-driven industry.

    This is an event taking place in all corners of the globe from Los Angeles to Rome, from Saint Petersburg to Tokyo, and from Barcelona to Boston. In thinking globally we're recognizing that the human condition is universal and by including a globally diverse audience, we innovate.

    We are announcing each one of our speakers every day. You can also sign up for email updates or follow us on Twitter to receive all WIAD 2018 Barcelona news. And you can also check the whole regarding our conference in the official site of the World IA Day.



    19.30 - 22.00 | Community Drinks & Networking


    09.45 - 10.10 | Registration
    10:10 - 10:35 | Welcome & Kick-Off
    10:35 - 11:00 | Talk
    11:00 - 11:25 | Talk
    11:25 - 11:50 | Talk
    11:50 - 12:20 | Coffee Break & Networking
    12:20 - 12:45 | "What's up today on Netflix?" - How IA kills the OTT stars
    As a result of their recent research of Over The Top (OTT) experiences at Medialab betevé, Mònica and Natàlia have discovered that the new audiovisual players (Netflix, HBO etc.) are changing the way people organize, search, find and consume audiovisual content. Now, more than ever, the media have the tools to impose how you will watch your favorite TV shows and movies. They set up a fragmented perception of reality. And although more and more content is available, the watchers continue to assume a passive role. They control our audiovisual experience. In this talk, they will explore the reasons and mechanisms behind this. We will see what challenges and opportunities we have as Information Architects to create a smarter and more human television.
    12:45 - 12:53 | Lightning Talk
    12:53 - 13:01 | Lightning Talk
    13:01 - 13:09 | Lightning Talk
    13:09 - 13:44 | Talk
    13:44 - 14:00 | Final Announcements & Giveaways

    Register now and join amazing people!

    Here is some more info on our announced speakers:

    Mónica Lorenzo - Social Media Strategist and a little Digital Growth Hacker that started offline with guerrilla marketing 15 years ago. She also has worked on a TV channel as writer and documentalist. Now has a consultant agency on strategic brand communication and collaborates with TVUX Desing-Gamma UX on a TV user research project.

    Natàlia Herèdia López - Natàlia is an Experience Designer and Researcher. She is an independent consultant, lecturer about UX strategy and research, and also a member of the local team leaders of the Interaction Design Foundation in Barcelona. She is now focused on studying the relationship between UX and the television paradigm shift. For this reason, she’s leading a UX Research lab with Gamma UX to understand how people interact and consume audiovisual content today.

març 16, 2018
  • Coterrats: sesión ciudadana para decidir las actividades más votadas

    març 16, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Sesión presencial con ciudadanos y stakeholders para definir y validar las actividades más votadas por la ciudadanía para las próximas Matinals de Grades Obertes.  Si estás interesado/a en asistir, puedes apuntarte enviando un email a hola@coterrats.com

divendres, febrer 23rd, 2018 at 10:42pm
RT @thecuackdev: @vancekic @gamebcn @CanodromBCN @incubio Really good talk, it was a pleasure listen to your teachings. Thanks for coming!
divendres, febrer 23rd, 2018 at 10:41pm
RT @Coterrats: Últims dies per votar i suggerir noves activitats pel Matinals #GradesObertes18 al @CanodromBCN, @BCN_SantAndreu !!! Entra e… CanodromBCN photo
divendres, febrer 23rd, 2018 at 10:40pm
RT @CTecno: 📢 Vols saber més sobre quina importància tenen les TIC en indústries culturals?
Descobreix-ho a l’esmorzar-networking #TICcultu
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RT @WIADBarcelona: Attend #WIAD18 this Saturday @CanodromBCN and get a 60-day full featured license from @protoio!

@vancekic @gamebcn @CanodromBCN @incubio Really good talk, it was a pleasure listen to your teachings. Thanks for coming!

@thecuackdev @gamebcn @CanodromBCN @incubio Con placer!!! :)

Últims dies per votar i suggerir noves activitats pel Matinals #GradesObertes18 al @CanodromBCN, @BCN_SantAndreu !!… https://t.co/dMIlpQEH7h

📢 Vols saber més sobre quina importància tenen les TIC en indústries culturals? Descobreix-ho a l’esmorzar-networki… https://t.co/3emyfXNZY8

Are you in Barcelona this Saturday!? Join us in the @WIADBarcelona at @CanodromBCN ! Meet amazing people there an… https://t.co/jLxEbvFURC

You must not lose these ladies - @nataliahelo and @monica_eloo - talking this Saturday! A lot of UX Research knowle… https://t.co/1EA7oSQ5FQ

'In essence, any digital product, website, or app is simply a collection of information.' Read all about it… https://t.co/y8gcWu1q4l

See you on Saturday!! #WIAD18BCN #WIAD18 https://t.co/9jDYxtaItD

Want to find out how to speak about information architecture? Check out this post https://t.co/sARaHF17n6 or sign u… https://t.co/fFcF0tI5YY

Thank you so much @gamebcn @CanodromBCN @incubio for having me! It was good to be in front of this great crowd : I… https://t.co/LarOzaPQmD

Gran charla de @vancekic Stephane Assadourian en @CanodromBCN @gamebcn Thank you so much! 😊😊 #gamedev #game… https://t.co/6FFAlL0fws

@vancekic @CanodromBCN It was an honor having you! Such an interesting chat! Thanks a lot!!

Attend #WIAD18 this Saturday @CanodromBCN and get a 60-day full featured license from @protoio!

Sólo quedan un par de días para las ediciones de Barcelona y Valencia de los #MeetUps de FemDevs, ¿os habéis apunta… https://t.co/xBDwm5lOFj

Comienza la charla con uno de los founders de #AssassinCreed Stephane Assadourian compartiendo consejos AAA con los… https://t.co/RTV3meZRRD

Stephane Assadourian @vancekic comienza advirtiendo "Antes de nada, ten muy claros tus objetivos". https://t.co/tukO9hxTs1

Always learning. Listening to @vancekic share his vast experience on videogame production at @gamebcn. https://t.co/zxk7ByRwUM

.@vancekic se presenta, ha trabajado en los primeros 3 de Assassin's Creed y ha llegado a gestionar a más de 150 pr… https://t.co/QMi9mgGJr3

"Tienes que producir eficientemente y tener un deadline" https://t.co/gx8pTqQPGG

Una charla muy interesante y distinta a la última ofrecida por valve. Como siempre, muchísimas gracias por el event… https://t.co/xYp6rd2Not

Acabamos la charla con las conclusiones. Ha estado muy bien. Clara y directa. @gamebcn https://t.co/Ov66V6Qz3g

Tot a punt per a la xerrada de @vancekic sobre el procés de pre-producció i producció d'un videojoc. @CanodromBCN https://t.co/HlUA2xJofm

"Ponle nombre a tus milestones para reconocer mejor tus objetivos" https://t.co/uSnBufGWxB

"Diseña el juego pensando en tu público, no en ti", continúa Assadourian, desde @CanodromBCN https://t.co/iR1nEq17vj

Te espero este sábado en @CanodromBCN Estaré dando mi soporte a @nataliahelo en su proyecto de @GammaUX para… https://t.co/UJt3Jyb8ri

Come to @CanodromBCN this Saturday 10am and learn about IA! @WIADBarcelona https://t.co/GFQW7V9Srp

Avui els veïns del barri i els residents de Canòdrom han compost la seva pròpia melodia amb apps mòbils #MWeekBCN https://t.co/ngxwaqGdUY

RT @WIADBarcelona: Don't miss your chance to attend #WIAD18 in #BCN this Saturday! 50% OF THE TICKETS ARE ALREADY G… https://t.co/Ua4iTucQC5

📆 08/03 Esmorzar-networking sobre "Les TIC en indústries culturals" al @CanodromBCN T'interessa @gamebcn… https://t.co/fvUpgYh29U