What is Barcelona Canòdrom Challenge?

There are five areas proposed of research and prototyping inside Canodrom Creative Research for the implementation of public policy actions in the territory. Then projects work with a focus on the areas of: artistic innovation, techno-political, citizen science, collaborative economy and open data.

The call Barcelona Canòdrom Challenge is the result of an agreement between the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and Sónar + D, and has the participation of various areas of the City of Barcelona which will facilitate the implementation of the winning projects.

Barcelona Canòdrom Challenge offers the possibility to creatives and artists involved in the creation and implementation of city projects. By residence in the Canòdrom of selected projects you get:

  • Promote the use of Internet technologies of the future in the field of cultural and creative communities.
  • Promote and disseminate new forms of experimentation based on the creation and use of technology as a means for citizen participation.
  • Pilot projects in the territory with municipal support to promote open innovation environments and citizen participation.
  • Promote research and experimentation in new formats and cultural and social content based on multidisciplinary environments.
  • Promote research and innovation as an essential process in the field of design of public policy action.
  • Encourage the design, prototyping and validation of innovative projects in the territory with municipal support and citizen participation.
  • Bring national values, innovation and creativity by using techology.
  • Place the knowledge, science and technology on relations between government, academia, social and cultural communities.
  • Connect the creative cultural and academic knowledge by conducting collaborative projects with social return.

What are we looking for?

Teams and candidates with experience in the field of creation and / or culture, science and technology or experience in the field of technology applied to the cultural sector and / or science.

Projects to be developed in the context Dog Track Challenge Barcelona should define the role which the City of Barcelona in the project and fall within the fields of action and research from a transversal perspective:

Collaborative Economy
Circularity and sustainability; Local shops; Open source; online platforms

Empowerment; digital inclusion; distributed and direct democracy; sovereignty; Knowledge / body

Citizen science
Economic inequality; social inclusion; Air quality; mobility; biodiversity; Climate change; Collective decision making

Open data and heritage
Digital heritage; Territory and proximity; historical memory recovery; Advanced Visualization (Augmented and Virtual Reality); Open Data citizen; vs. qualitative data quantitative data
Artistic innovation
New creative tools; Distribution models; Models of co-creation; Online platforms; transmedia experiences; apps

How is Barcelona Canòdrom Challenge ?

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The period of admission of applications is 20 calendar days from the day of publication of the notice in the BOPB. The date of publication of the bases of the call through official media ICUB is on 11 October and will include the evaluation criteria and composition of the jury. October 31 is the last day to register using the following form.

To help the participant who does not yet have a team to bolster his candidacy has established sessions candidates creation and presentation of the call teams:

  • Thursday July 21, 10 h to 12 h.
  • Tuesday September 6, 18 to 20 h.
  • Thursday September 15, 18 to 20 h.

For the first phase of the selection process (online training) the selection criteria: is

  • Adequacy of the proposal to the fields of action raised in the challenge through creative strategies and sharing solutions – Up to 25 points.
  • Social impact and return in Barcelona of the proposal – Up to 30 points.
  • Creative ability to involve communities in Barcelona in solving the challenge – Up to 15 points.
  • Motivational aspects of the team – Up to 10 points.
  • Complementarity and degree of integration of computer profiles – Up to 10 points.
  • Quality and innovation in the design of the proposal – Up to 10 points.
  • Quality and innovation in technology including the proposal – Up to 10 points

For the second phase of the selection process (phase 2, incubation) the evaluation criteria are:

  • Ability to respond to the challenges of city through various policy areas described in the challenge – up to 15 points.
  • Implementation capacity to departments and municipal programs – Up to 15 points.
  • Connecting the project with the social and cultural fabrics of Barcelona – Up to 10 points.
  • Assistance to the process of online training – up to 10 points.
  • Experience Team – Up to 10 points.
  • Improved team configuration – Up to 10 points.
  • Evolution in the design of the proposal – Up to 10 points.
  • Developments in technology included in the proposal – Up to 10 points.
  • Technological level of openness and data (open source, open data and open access), and degree of circularity of assets resulting from the implementation of the project. – Up to 10 points

1st phase: Incubation

Online Training

On November 9, 15 teams will be selected for the phase of online training starting on November 14.

This 15 projects will be selected by the jury and will be entitled to online training and support to strengthen the process of conceptual development of applications and finding customers.

You will get daily help from technicians, trainers and / or closely related to the cultural world experts who will give their feedback on the concept of the idea presented and provide information resources and teaching both the conceptual and theoretical level and in aspects technology using lean startup methodology, in order to improve and strengthen the proposals.

This training and support will last for 4 weeks. At the end of this period of training and development teams must present the evolution of their applications to the jury, which will decide the 5 teams selected for incubation.

Incubation in Barcelona

The jury will select a total of five teams for the incubation phase and Residence who will work with a team of officials and municipal technicians and a team of mentors. Each team will receive 120 hours of support by specialists to achieve the viability of the project; which together with the residence in the Canòdrom Creative Industries Research Parc is a prize valued in 11,040 €.

22 Dessembre communication selected for the incubation phase by the jury to be held from January 2, 2017 to March 31, 2017 teams will be held.

Especialistas en las siguientes temáticas:

  • Product design and user experience, co-creation, co-design and wireframing.
  • Acquisition, activation, retention, virality and user and customer growth.
  • Production management with agile methodologies and management of development teams.
  • Cloud deployment and system architecture definition.
  • Administration (finance, accounting, legal, labor and human resources).

2nd phase: RESIDENCY

Residence during April and May in the Canódrom Creative Industries Research Park

  • Up to 4 people
  • Use of computer equipment
  • Access to training workshops and portfolio activities.

3rd phase: PILOT

Pilot with the City Council

  • The municipal committee gurantees the implementation of a pilot project and help in its definition as a strategic partner.
  • A minimum of 10 interviews will be established with the city council areas involved in the project to help define and implement it.
  • Contractual alternatives will be defined to ensure the viability of each project chosen.

Public presentation of the project:

  • From 15 to 17 June 2017.
  • Inside SONAR + D event


José Luis de Vicente

José Luis de Vicente


 Javier Toret

Javier Toret


Víctor Jiménez

Víctor Jiménez

Fundació i2Cat

Josep Perelló

Josep Perelló


 Mayo Fuster

Mayo Fuster

UOC-Dimmons / BarCola


The incubation program in the Canòdrom, has been key to learn that the most important when starting a startup aspect is very familiar with your user (or customer): first you have to ensure that you're solving a problem, if no you are dead.

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