The former Canódrom of Meridiana has converted into the Creative Research Park, a space for innovation and entrepreneurship for talented individuals in the creative and cultural industries. A space at the service of cultural entrepreneurs, who want to turn their creative ideas in sectors such as the arts, technology and science, into new services and products to bring to market.

The Canódrom wants to become an incubator of creative talent for the artistic and cultural industries, bringing together ideas and concepts into a platform to increase knowledge, in order to validate ideas and launch to the market.

The Creative Research Park connects creative talent with companies, investors and various financing sources.

The Canódrom is a space to create prototypes and experiment with all that combines science, technology and art.
The model of the Creative Research Park – Canódrom is integrated into European networks that bring together similar initiatives. We would like to highlight the ECBN (European Creative Business Network), the group of the Creative Industries of the Eurocities network and the European Creative Hubs Forum, who initiated institutional contacts.