Barcelona Institute of Culture - ICUB

Created in 1996, it acts as the sole organ of all municipal functions in culture after the merger of the Cultura del Ayuntamiento, from the Instituto Municipal Barcelona Espectáculos and the Centro Gestor de Museos.

From January 1 2006, the Instituto de Cultura has been established as a local public corporation (EPEL – Entidad Pública Empresarial Local). A public body provided for by law, with full legal capacity and management autonomy to carry out their programs and projects.


  • Create, manage and maintain the artistic, scientific, technological, natural and historical heritage of the city.
  • Commercially promote the Institute’s assets and activities.
  • Spread culture in Barcelona´s districts and neighborhoods.
  • Promote cultural activities in nonprofit sectors.
  • Encourage the city´s presence in industries and cultural facilities.
  • Promote cultural and leisure activities that take place in the city.
  • Participate in the promotion of large cultural facilities owned by the State, the Generalitat or from shared ownership in the city.
  • Support citizen and civic initiatives.


A business incubator created in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2011,Peninsula now operates from Barcelona. It specializes in early-stage projects that offer business processes as a service. They make use of their own methodology, the Peninsula Method, to guide entrepreneurs through the entire process of starting a business, from the initial idea stage to building a viable product and accessing financing. Following the recommendations of the Lean Startup methodology,

Peninsula provides continuous training to teams to ensure that entrepreneurs have the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out their project. They provide everything necessary for the creation of a company: office space, HR, design, marketing and management services; and privileged access to mentors and networking. To date, Peninsula has created 7 Incubators for corporations and public agencies that have them as partner in their Open Innovation strategy.

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