Escape Room - Virtual Reality - Videogames

13th and 27th of april


Saturday 13 and 27 of april Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa opens its doors again so you can enjoy the lastest on technologyand entertainment. The activitiies on both days, organized by will be free, open to the public and will combine a videogame, a virtual reality experience and an escape room.

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Gaming (Escape Room, viretual reality and videogames)
Dates ‌‌‌‌‌‌
13 i 27 d’abril 2019
Schedule 10 h – 13 h
Audience Juvenile and familiar
Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa

Limited tickets

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13th of april

Escape room - The Code

The Code. you need to open Dr. Alberti’s box where she keeps here investigation before it’s destroyed!If you want to find the code you’ll need teamwork and solving enigmas and mysteries!

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Virtual reality - Virtual stroll

Do you want to give a VR visit to the Sant Rafael church, the vaixell Jeanneau 54 ship’s insides and go through a selection test to practice? Virtual reality is not the future, it’s the present day, on leisure and also in the work environment!

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Videogame - Oh my Godheads

Oh my Godheads tournament with prize, the first action game with headhunting from 1 to 4 4 players. “headhunting” id a playstyle similar to ”captura the flag” but the flag is alive, furious and determined to make you go crazy!

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27th of april

Escape room - Projecte C

World’s end is imminent. It’s time to participate with your team on Projecte C‘s picking process and prove that you’re the best candidatesto get in the project that will save humanity.


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Virtual Reality

Enjoy with the Hotel Transylvania Popsticest, their energetic songs, full body movement, and bonus levels

with Tilt Brush you’ll be able to draw on a 3D space thanks to virtual reality and discover creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light and even fire!

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Videojoc - Pixcelona

AppNormals’s Pix-celona. Do you think you know Barcelona well? Compete on teams to prove who knows more about one of the most photographed cities in the world. You’ll discover things that you don’t imagine!


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